Marola logo

Skirts with soul and mediterranean essence

Tradition and modernity fused in each product

Role · Art Director & UI · UX Designer

Agency · Runroom

Year · 2016

Marola is a passionate skirt brand that pays tribute to the essence of Barcelona, ​​which aims to tell stories with skirts and make skirts with a story behind them. Conceived and patented under a Jacquard loom for skirts with a soul, which fuses tradition and modernity in each fabric.


The goal was to design an online tool for teachers to document and track student behavior during the school day, from social relationships to nutrition, including performance and personal notes.


An e-commerce platform designed to communicate the lifestyle and benefits of skirts, fully responsive and optimized for online conversion.

Marola e-commerce: Home and About pages

Design system

From typography to colors, icons, and interface elements, a full library of resources to build the entire experience.

Marola e-commerce: Design system

Clean product catalogue

Showing the collections in a simple way to enhance the look of the products, the models, and the lifestyle through photography.

Marola e-commerce: Catalogue
Marola e-commerce: Catalogue

Private showroom for skirts

Each skirt has its own space to show all the details and compositional aspects. Supported a visual navigation system that allows users to browse the entire catalog and preview previous/next products.

Marola e-commerce: Product showroom
Marola e-commerce: Showroom mobile

Online store

Marola is a product designed for online purchases. The architecture and development of the project are based on an e-commerce model that allows customers to access and buy skirts from any location.

Marola e-commerce: Checkout
Marola e-commerce: Locations