Technology for education

Bringing together the e-tools for learning

Role · Art Director & UI · UX Designer

Agency · Runroom

Year · 2016

A project developed for Jesüites Education Foundation, to help them shape the future of education through new models supported by Information and Communications Technologies.


The goal was to design the experience for students of primary and secondary schools, by providing a web platform that enables the students to develop their day to day using a collection of services, from email to school services, including calendars, classes, communication, and interaction between all departments of the educative centers.

LaNet logo

New identity for a new tool

To give the project a whole new image, we started creating a logo that represents what the tool means for the educative community: A intertwining collection of online services that help users in their daily activities.

Research and visual exploration

Deep research on user needs, environment, and aesthetics, combined with flat design and metro UI interface trends, lead us to create a solution inspired by an iconic element present in education: The periodic table of elements. A powerful tool rich in color, elements, and structure, flexible enough to scale with project needs.  

LaNet: Visual exploration and research

One solution for multiple users

A very flexible and customizable interface adapted to each profile, need, and activity, easy to use and in constant evolution, learning from the users. LaNet is a service and tool integrator that works for students from 6 years old, parents, educators, and administrative personnel.

LaNet: Dashboard interface

A Visual system adapted for all users

By the creation of a unique visual language, all users find it easy to navigate and use on a daily basis. From messaging and iconography to color and layout, the interface is visually rich, easy to understand, and accessible to users of all ages.

LaNet: Typography
LaNet: Iconography
LaNet: Color system

Multi-device WebApp

Fully accessible from mobiles, tablets, and personal computers, LaNet is an essential part of the educative experience of all members of the 8 schools across Catalunya in Spain.

laNet: Multi-device webapp

A swiss knife for education

From email access to grades, from classes schedule to student reporting, LaNet is the starting and ending access point for the present and future of education proposed by these schools. As modern as innovative, this platform is getting closer to a new and more actual education model.

LaNet: Services anatomy
LaNet: Error message