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Sudamerican Surf and BMX top athletes personal websites

Role · Art Director, UI · UX Designer & Developer

Agency · UVÉE

Year · 2012

RedBull commissioned us to create the personal websites of four of its most talented Latin American athletes: Colombian BMX World Champion, Mariana Pajón, and three of Peru's most important surfers; Sofia Mulanovich, Gabriel Villarán, and Cristóbal de Col.

Project: Red Bull - Sofia Mulanovich personal website


Four custom websites based on common structures, powered by a single CMS, easy to update and maintain, packed with content, facts, awards, and multimedia about athletes.

Project: Red Bull - Gabriel Villarán personal website

Strategic positioning

Used as communication and marketing tools, websites provide the ideal platform to focus and distribute public relations around these high-performance athletes.

Project: Red Bull - Mariana Pajón personal website

Exclusive content

Thanks to the sponsorship of Redbull, all media and communication are produced under the guidelines of the brand.

Project: Red Bull - Cristobal de Col personal website

Powered by social networks

External information sources integrated into the websites, offer all the information and details of the athletes' day-to-day life.