Technology for education

Providing educators with tools for student performance tracking

Role · Art Director & UI · UX Designer

Agency · Runroom

Year · 2016

A project developed for Jesüites Education Foundation, to help them shape the future of education through new models supported by Information and Communications Technologies.


The goal was to design an online tool for teachers to document and track student behavior during the school day, from social relationships to nutrition, including performance and personal notes.

LaNet App: Student performace tracking App
LaNet App: Logo


A custom App oriented to smartphones as they are the most accessible devices in all situations, complemented by a web application to provide full support in different contexts and platforms.

An organized ecosystem

A directory of students organized by class, subject and activity, which covers all aspects related to personal development.

LaNet App: Multi-device directory

Enriched by multimedia

Among other tools, the possibility of enriching the monitoring information with multimedia: audio notes, photos, and videos, creating better documentation of the activity of each student.

LaNet App: Media

Always accessible

All information is stored in entries, organized by chronological records, editable, and accessible through filtered searches anytime, anywhere.

LaNet App: Accessibility

Seamless experience

The web application offers a more comfortable experience to browse, review, organize, filter and edit all the stored information.

LaNet App: Desktop dashboard