Virtual Reality for Adult Entertainment

A particular approach for the adult industry

Role · Art Director & Product Designer

Company · CMP

Year · 2020

The video production is evolving with the new technologies, offering more inmersive and exciting experiences. By using new methods of video filming and providing content for the different VR devices, this industry is exploring and consolidating the future of adult entertainment.

Virtual Reality Highlighs

As Virtual Reality is still a relative new technology, in adoption but growing constantly, there are lots of features that can be used to offer a more inmersive experience.

Virtual Reality cameras setup

Some of the most relevant features includes:
· 180º to 360º degrees video / field of vision
· Point of view interactions
· Connection to 3rd party devices such teledildonics

Virtual Reality content production

Up to date, the content is a mix of video formats, generated by using stereograms, two separated images creating the illusion of depth.

Navigation in Virtual Reality

Thanks to the VR Devices evolution and their own systems, the navigation and content browsing also have changed to be adapted to the new possibilities.

Virtual Relity new features

Stand alone and wireless devices are increasing VR adoption and making easier and practical to use VR devices in all contexts.

Some of the benefits are:
· Wireless
· Play anywhere
· No PC dependence