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Operations automation App for franchised companies

Helping companies, owners and managers to operate effectively on a daily basis

Role · Senior Product, UI & UX Designer

Client · Delightree

Year · 2021

A project developed in collaboration with Delightree, an American startup aimed at offering solutions to the franchise sector, with the aim of automating and facilitating the management of the activities and daily operations of large companies operating under this model.

The main goals were to complete the MVP for the Native Apps, build the desktop WebApp adaptation, develop new features, and iterate the solution based on user feedback to reach a stable first version of the product.

Project: Delightree - App interface, Desktop & Mobile


Design a seamless multi-device experience by providing custom workflows for different user profiles, including business owners, locations, and staff, all within the same interface.

Build a design system to support different devices and adaptations, providing a single source of truth for stakeholders, designers, and developers.

Coordinate and facilitate communication with multiple development teams, ensuring the quality and correct execution of the solution.


A clean, easy-to-use multi-device product created to help companies, managers and locations, supervise, organize and complete the daily tasks within their businesses.

Project: Delightree - Operations automation App
Project: Delightree - Mobile App

Native mobile App for iOS and Android

Due to the convenience of smartphones, Mobile Apps were the main focus when designing and developing a digital product that could be accessed anywhere and at any time by any member of an organization.

The Mobile Apps allowed the monitoring of the daily tasks necessary to run a successful business, and facilitate communication between the different levels of management and staff.

With multimedia support, all employees and those responsible for completing a specific task can report and document successful progress and issues encountered during their shift. Complemented by system notifications and chat rooms, the Apps allow real-time monitoring of the daily operations of a company.

Project: Delightree - Desktop WebApp

Desktop WebApp

To offer extended functionality, reports, and a command center, adapting the apps to a desktop environment was imperative.

Through the desktop web application, both managers and franchise owners can centrally control operations, obtain detailed reports, and communicate with any member of the organization.

Project: Delightree - Desktop Dashboard views

Desktop Dashboards

By introducing a dashboard system to the solution, we enriched the data and visualization of insights, expanded the reports of completion of tasks, and improved the evaluation of the performance of the different franchises.

Project: Delightree - Brand guidelines

Design System

With the goal of being flexible, scalable, and consistent in designing a product for multiple devices, creating a design system was one of the best decisions and investments in terms of productivity.

With hundreds of elements, including branding assets, style guides, components, guidelines, and best practices, we were able to work at a rapid pace to develop new features, integrate user feedback, iterate the product, and explore multiple possibilities for different scenarios.

Project: Delightree - Design system
Project: Delightree - Design system
Project: Delightree - Design system