A redesigned online experience for game and entertainment

Taking poker and leisure to the next level

Role · Art Director & UI · UX Designer

Agency · Runroom

Year · 2016

Commissioned by the Peralada group to redesign and develop a new online environment for three different casinos: Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, and Peralada.

The goal was to improve the experience of its customers, making it easier for visitors and players to access, interact and purchase tickets, poker tournaments, gastronomy, betting, and events in a single, easy-to-use online space.

Project: Casino Barcelona - Home page
Project: Casino Barcelona stars


We created a series of work sessions, in collaboration with different project stakeholders, to understand the dimension of the project requirements and content, and help them define and refine the complete casino offering in terms of gaming, betting, gastronomy and events, resulting in a broad information architecture, content strategy, photography requirements, material creation and software solutions.

In order to understand, organize and visualize the complex poker tournament system, regulations and information provided to players, a complex series of tasks were required performed by a group of designers and team members.

As part of the process, many visits to physical locations, gathering information from players, and even actual experiences of the games and spaces, were a large component of research and understanding within the scope of the project.

Project: Casino Barcelona stars


A robust and visually rich, multi-device and responsive websites, created to provide a lot of useful information to poker players of all skill levels, and to make the entire online experience easy and enjoyable. In addition, the casino's complementary entertainment offerings, such as dining, betting and events, are presented to customers in a more attractive and clear way.

Project: Casino Barcelona stars


A whole new online experience

Project: Casino Barcelona - Poker campaign
Project: Casino Barcelona - Poker games

As a product of the wide offering of poker tournaments, features, game modes and variations, we created a content structure and a visual language that allows players to look through the aggregation of poker tournaments from a general approach, helping them to find what is best suited to your tastes and styles.

Complemented with leadership charts, online registration processes, game instructions, and online notifications, we've reduced the complexity of searching, registering, tracking, and ranking updates for poker tournaments to allow players to focus on what they enjoy the most: the game.

Project: Casino Barcelona - Poker agenda

Daily poker tournaments

- National and international -

Project: Casino Barcelona - Poker tournaments

Poker hands, from highest to lowest

Project: Casino Barcelona - Poker hands
Project: Casino Barcelona stars


Best activities in Barcelona's nightlife

To facilitate the access, reservation and purchase of tickets for events, we created an online space that functions as a billboard for events, where customers can view the monthly calendar and choose from a diverse selection of activities.

This helped increase customer satisfaction, attendance at events, and decrease management and additional expenses generated by offline processes.

Project: Casino Barcelona - Events
Project: Casino Barcelona stars


The finest products in exclusive atmospheres

Through high-quality photographs of food and spaces, we translate the experience, flavors and sensations of the different spaces into an online area where customers can reserve tables, consult menus and take a look at restaurants.

The gastronomic and restaurant offer includes Ibero-American cuisine, Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, luxury cocktail bar, wine cellar, snack bar and open terrace.

Project: Casino Barcelona - Restaurants
Project: Casino Barcelona - Gastronomy
Project: Casino Barcelona stars


Experience each play more intensely!

The Casino has become a large sports facility where customers will not miss a single detail of the main sporting events on its giant screen. In addition, they can keep track of the most important FC Barcelona matches with exclusive comments, all within the same place.

Project: Casino Barcelona - Facilities
Project: Casino Barcelona - Bets
Project: Casino Barcelona stars

With all these solutions, casinos take entertainment to a new level, creating engaging and fluid low-friction experiences, both online and offline, and greatly improving customer satisfaction in different activities.