My design process

Workflow, tools & Insights.

To create superior experiences, I follow a process based on experience and exploration, under continuous revision and evolution. From conceptualization to publication, these are some of the highlights:

Understanding, planning and exploring

Investigating and gathering ideas, expectations, goals, competences, targets, budgets, timeframes, technologies, resources and every possible detail.


Workshops, Briefs, Feature Maps, Estimations.

My design process: Understand, plan and explore
My design process: Research


From users to stakeholders, listening and understanding needs and objectives, to align experiences and personas around a project.


Workshops, Interviews, surveys, prototypes.

User Experience & User Interface Design

Visualizaing flows, defining interactions, creating design systems and honoring the pixel perfect, to create consistent visual and enjoyable experiences, powered by a unique source of truth for the team when working under multiple models.


Wireframing · Figma, Balsamiq, Axure, Sketch
UI · Figma, Sketch, Invision Studio
Prototyping · Figma, Marvel, Invision
Version control · Abstract

My design process: User Experience & User Interface Design
My design process: Development and launch

Development and launch

Mixing design and frontend for a clear communication and effective development, to deliver successful products from MVP’s to final projects.


HTML, CSS, Sass, Less, Git.
Wordpress, Joomla, Newsletters, Mailchimp.

Tracking and measure

Collecting information to evaluate the performance of the product, achieve goals and generate new ideas to keep improving.


Google Analytics, Hotjar, Lucky Orange.

My design process: Track & Measure
My design process: Analyze & repeat

Analyze, design, repeat

Applying agile methodologies to create, evaluate, learn, and improve. Iteration and scalability at the core of the experiences.

Design Ops

Focusing on processes, tools and dynamics to improve the performance of teams and workflows.

My design process: Design Ops