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Agile digital agency


  • Client Runroom

  • Role Art Director / Lead Designer / UX Designer

  • Agency Runroom

  • Year 2016


Runroom wanted to update their digital prescence to communicate their internal evolution and to showcase their latest projects with a modern point of view. These projects needed to be created for multiple clients in different markets. The challenge was to create a powerful platform to showcase their success and knowhow to the world.

A visual and colorful welcome

A visual and colorful welcome

We developed a visually engaging homepage based on featured projects and the contents from their blog. The aim was to visually captivate users with the use of interesting headlines and images from diverse projects and share their internal culture.

Una trayectoria basada en casos de éxito

A direction based on successful cases

Our approach was to focus on the projects and the context that surrounds them. From the challenges to the final solutions we wanted to share the colaborative experience that we had with the clients under agile methodologies.

Una propuesta de valor en servicios 360º

Using 360º services to add value

The offers and comunications were adjusted to their present state including new bussiness areas offering more information regarding applied knowledge. The 360º services projects added value to the users and clients we were working with.


The website

Full responsive website